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Sierra Nevada College - MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts - Graduated in 2020

Dickinson College - BA in Theater Arts (Dance Emphasis) - Graduated in 2005




Barrymore Award - Best Lead Actor in a Musical 2016

  • Received for the portrayal of Candy Darling in the Bearded Ladies Cabaret / Opera

Philadelphia production of Andy: A Popera


Pew Charitable Trusts (Dance Advance) 2012

  • Received Professional Development funding to attend Peggy Baker Dance Projects’ August

Intensive in Toronto and study Modern Dance Technique and Choreographic Composition


Dickinson College 2005

  • Received the H.G. Gould Award for significant contributions within the Dance and Theater



Here Like Home (2022)

  • This work was performed at the ICA in Boston during the New England Dance Now showcase of Regional Dance Development Initiative cohort members. The piece featured most of the cohort members in an improvisational score. Audio featured accounts from the performers of what it's like to be a dance artists in New England

Project empatheTICK (2020)

  • Project empatheTICK is an ongoing, social performance practice that challenges how states of belonging are created, acquired and preserved in different communities. Dressed as a deer tick, I storytelling events (“Tick Talks”), tick-drag performances, and community conversations around belonging and identity. project empatheTICK liberates ideologies around what it means to belong and aims to prove that it's possible to discover threads of empathy in even the most unlikely circumstances. The following images document a two week residency and performance at Subcircle Residency in Biddeford, Maine.

Impasse 2019 (

  • A duet created in collaboration with Suzanne Beahrs about encountering moments of impasse and proposals for deep listening and collective action for future movement potential.

Compromising Permissions 2019

  • This work in progress investigates delineations of public versus private spaces. How do we shift our actions depending on these labels within environments? How are this shifts useful and when are they useful as urban public spaces become homeless encampments?


Other Skin 2019

  • A performance with live musical accompaniment by Kip Kipperman that investigates the history of leather use in queer communities as a vehicle for vulnerability and intimacy


SOMAsolo 2018

  • This site specific solo was developed and performed at the LEVY Dance studio in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco and investigates the disorienting socio-economic, physical, and energetic paradoxes that define "SoMa".


Inviting the Skin of the Bones 2018

  • A solo improvisational structure that makes visible the struggle of solo art making and proposes a desired utopia for self acceptance performed in Berkeley, CA and Philadelphia


Suitcase Series 2016

  • A structured improvisational performance created in collaboration with Subcircle

company members (Philadelphia)


Hold Still While I Figure This Out 2017

  • A structured improvisational performance created in collaboration with Subcircle company

members (Philadelphia)


Ya Never Know 2015 

  • A duet created and performed in collaboration with Lindsay Browning (Philadelphia)


Presenting, You First With The Hope For Reciprocation 2014/2015

  • Duet created in collaboration with Gina Hoch-Stall and performed in Philadelphia, Durham

NC, Baltimore, Washington DC, Hoboken (NJ), and West Chester (PA)


Saltless Immortal 2012

  • A solo performed by Gina Hoch-Stall (Philadelphia)



Wes Leslie - Operative Word  - Music Video Choreographer 2020


Enchantment Theatre Company - Resident Choreographer 2012 - 2017


  • Aladdin and Other Enchanting Tales (National Tour), The Fisherman and The Flounder

(Philadelphia Public School Tour), The Brave Little Tailor (Philadelphia Public School Tour),

Peter Rabbit Tales (National Tour), The Beast and The Bayou (Scheduled for a Philadelphia

Public School Tour in the Fall of 2016), The Firebird (Tour Director for tours with Vancouver,

Phoenix, and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestras), The Bremen Town Musicians (Philadelphia

Public School Tour), My Father’s Dragon (National Tour)


Arden Theater Company 2015

• Great Expectations (Philadelphia)


Bearded Ladies Cabaret 2015 - 2017

  • Movement Consultant for Andy: A Popera (Philadelphia)




Subcircle - Company Co-Director ( 2010 - Present

  • Residency and performance at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at

Florida State University to develop Forget Me Not with mentorship from Peggy Baker

  • World Premiers of Forget Me / Forget Me Not (Philadelphia), Forget Me Not (Dance

Film),Thine Eyes (Biddeford, ME), All This Happened, More or Less (Philadelphia), Hold Still

While I Figure This Out (Philadelphia, PA /Portland, ME), Here Nor there (Dance Film), In My

Wilderness (Dance Film), Suitcase Series (Philadelphia)


Nichole Canuso Dance Company ( 2010 - Present

  • World Premiers of Body of Text (Philadelphia), Wandering Alice (Philadelphia), and The

Garden (Philadelphia)


Enchantment Theatre Company ( 2010 - Present

  • Pinocchio (8-Month National Tour), Beauty and the Beast (Philadelphia), The Snow Queen

(Philadelphia), Cinderella (Philadelphia), Brave Little Tailor (Philadelphia)


The Bearded Ladies Cabaret ( 2013 - Present

  • World Premier of Andy: A Popera in collaboration with Opera Philadelphia (Philadelphia)


Headlong Dance Theater ( 2015

• World Premier of W*lm*rt Nature Trail (Philadelphia)


Tori Lawrence + Co. ( 2013 - 2015

  • Holding Places (Philadelphia)


Eun-Jung Choi ( 2011 - 2012

• World Premier of Holy Cabinet #2 (Philadelphia)


Beau Hancock 2011 - 2012

• World Premier of Poor Lost Sometime Boys (Philadelphia)


Jillian Harris 2011 - 2012

• World Premier of Inferno (Philadelphia)


Bronwen MacArthur Dance Projects 2010 - 2012

• World Premier of Ask The Painted Ladies(Philadelphia)


Ellie Goudie-Averill / Stone Depot Dance Lab 2010 - 2012


• World Premiers of Convictions (Philadelphia), and Census (Philadelphia)


Kun-Yang Lin / Dancers ( 2010 - 2011

  • World Premiers of A-U-M, Autumn Skin, and Mandala Project (Philadelphia)

  • International Tours to Singapore and Taiwan​





  • Bowdoin College 2023-2024 (Making Dances in the Digital Age, Advanced Modern Dance

  • Temple University 2015 - 2017 (Modern Dance I, Modern Dance III, Senior





  • Georgian Court University (Year-long commission to develop new student work), Bellas Artes (Dominican Republic), Franklin & Marshal College, Dickinson College, RichardStockton University, Swarthmore College, Muhlenberg College, Drexel University, University of The Arts, West Chester University, Rowan University, Living Room (ME), Koresh Dance Studio (Philadelphia), Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (Berkeley, CA), Roco Dance (Mill Valley, CA)




Jean-Rene Toussaint 2017

  • Primitive Voice Workshop as a part of Nichole Canuso Dance Company’s Body of Text project


Suzanne Snider 2016-2017

  • Oral History training as a part of Nichole Canuso’s Body of Text project


Peggy Baker Dance Projects - Summer Intensive 2012

  • Studied Modern Dance Technique and Choreographic Composition with Peggy Baker and

Skinner Release Technique with Julia Sasso (Toronto)


Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia Graduated in 2009

  • Received CMT Certification and worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist from 2009-2013


Email:  Phone: (207) 229-4170
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