Scott McPheeters


about me

I am an Oakland, CA / Philadelphia, PA / Biddeford, ME based performer, choreographer, and educator. I co-direct dance and video installation company, Subcircle ( and Subcircle Artist Residency ( in Biddeford, ME. I am committed to an artistic practice that is constantly evolving to accommodate, reflect and comment on site, situation, collaborative influences, and the current political climate. Please check out my artist statement and CV below for more information. Thank you for visiting. 


I am a queer, interdisciplinary dance artist making work that encourages moments of collective intimacy through various acts of physical and emotional vulnerability. I believe that vulnerability is the greatest catalyst for social change, and I strive to identify movement and material that, within various contexts, create situations for developing cross-cultural empathy.


As a professional dancer, I am fascinated by the human form and its capacity to shift physically and energetically in relationship to other bodies and environments. I strive to reconnect with physical instincts that have been silenced by social norms, and communicate sensation in ways that portray uninhibited, somatic truths. I value honest investigations of self and situation and view abstract movement as an expression of queer advocacy. My practice is fueled by social engagement and conversation, and tends to manifest collaborative action. 




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